Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Yesterday was a beautiful day, albeit windy. As I often do while cleaning the kitchen, I scanned the hay field surrounding us looking for a different bird of some type of critter. I was about to give up when I saw movement in the grass mere yards from the kitchen window. Of course, I grabbed my camera. At first I thought it was a roadrunner, but it was a lighter color and didn't have the telltale feathers sticking up on its head. Plus it had a yellow beak. I'm sure it would have flown if I tried going outside, so I snapped away through the window.

When I first saw him, all I could see was the head and neck. Fortunately, he walked into a patch of shorter grass so I could see more of his body. 

He looked like a shore bird to me, but southeastern Oklahoma is far from any shore. So, I searched the app on my phone and the National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America. I believe this is an Upland Sandpiper. If I am correct, they do not nest in this area, but do migrate through here. I learned Upland Sandpipers prefer open country with tall grasses to coastal habitat, unlike other species of Sandpipers.

Photos taken in Southeastern Oklahoma.

I would appreciate any help. Am I correctly identifying this bird?

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  1. Like you, I am too far from the Gulf Coast to know anything about shorebirds. It is a beautiful bird, great photos, and how exciting to see a bird that is not usual for the area!

  2. Hello,
    Unfortunately I do not know this bird...but
    your photos are clear and it was nice to see them.

  3. Yes of my favorites. UPLAND SANDPIPER it is
    (It took me years to finally find one)

    Lea of Lea's menagerie sent me here to help you ID the bird.

  4. I see somebody has confirmed it is an Upland Sandpiper. you have taken some great photos. Diane

  5. Oh that is such a pretty Sandpiper we do not have them here so I showed it to my hubby and he had seen pictures of one before also. As always wonderful photos and very uplifting to come to see your blog. Thanks so much for being a friend to me and my blog and thanks for your comments on my blog. I try to do a few comments back each day but I am far behind!

  6. Hello, great sighting and photos of the sandpiper. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!