Sunday, April 22, 2018


The Good: I have had feeders out since December, but haven't seen a bird actually on the feeder. They are always on the ground eating the feed that was blown out by the wind. However, that all changed today when I saw Mr. Cardinal enjoying a snack. 

And then he saw me watching from the window.

The Random: Watching the horses get new shoes.

The Fun: Feeding carrots to the horses. 

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  1. Mr Cardinal must be a very observant and alert bird. He found the feeder and he saw you watching! Lol! The horses are so cute, trying to reach the carrot in the last picture!

  2. My favorite bird from all over America!
    Such a shame that this bird is kept in a cage here in Europe!
    I like shoes ... :) So I look dearly!
    Horseshoe brings good luck! :)
    Wishing you a very lucky week!

  3. The cardinals are so pretty Have a good week Diane

  4. That carrot is not going to go far with those hungry fellows! Great shot!

  5. Lovely to see the Cardinals, and I love your last photograph.

    All the best Jan