Monday, February 27, 2017


In January we went to Texas and Oklahoma. This photo was taken at an observation area along the interstate in Oklahoma. I thought it was a rather strange place to find graffiti, but I guess even rocks are fair game.

I have heard graffiti referred to as vandalism, but in most cases I believe it to be art. I'm not sure I feel that way about drawing on these rocks though. This looks more like vandalism to me.

Wikipedia defines graffiti as writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted on a wall or other surface, which dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. In modern times, when done without the property owner's permission, it is considered vandalism and a punishable crime. 

Graffiti artists prefer to be referred to as writers. The first modern day Graffiti Writer is considered to be a person called Cornbread, from Philadelphia. In 1967, he started writing, or tagging, on walls to impress a girl. In the 80's galleries started showing graffiti as art.


Broader view

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friendly Fill-In

1. I wish real country music would come back in style. You know, like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. Even George Strait isn't played on the radio like he used to be. The new music, like Sam Hunt, is more pop with some hip hop in the mix. I don't consider it country at all.

2. I always have mints and gum in my purse. Unless I'm out, of course.

3. I think that I need to make a daily schedule. Since I retired, I find myself not being very productive. I have come down with a case of adult ADD. Start doing something, get sidetracked, and off to something else. this results in not getting anything accomplished.

4. Being late when I'm supposed to be somewhere at a specific time is a pet peeve of mine. I also dislike showing up at a movie theater and missing the beginning of the movie. If I'm going to spend time watching a movie or TV show, I want to see it all so I know what is happening. Oftentimes the important scene is at the beginning. DA is really bad about turning on a program after the show has started and thinking I will be interested in watching it. Especially NCIS reruns. I have never watched the show and he has seen them all, so he knows what's happening.

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The Week in Review

1. Saturday - Daughter and one Grandson came for a visit. I don't post photos of the kids, but will post this old blurry picture of daughter from the 80s. She was a huge Police fan. She will not be happy if she reads this post. Telephone to her ear and The Police. That's my girl.

2. Sunday - Went to a photography show at Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana, Illinois. We enjoyed seeing the exhibits, but didn't stay for the critique. Our local camera club may be having a photography contest this spring. Nice to see what other people are taking photos of. We had lunch at Applebee's before heading home. As we drove by the Elliott's cemetery sign, we decided to stop. I enjoy walking through graveyards. Weird? or not? This particular cemetery is supposed to be haunted, but aren't all of them? I wouldn't want to be caught after dark in one. This one had a spooky tree.

3. Monday - Gus and I went for a long drive looking for photo ops. Found some really cool things, including an old washing machine inside a falling down house.
Gus still pees like a girl dog, but he learned how to hang his head out the window and enjoy the wind blowing through his ears. He's making progress.

4. Tuesday - I was excited to see the first Robin of the year in the back yard. They are a sign of spring. I think they might be early since we have a chance of snow Friday night.

5. Friday & Saturday - Went to visit daughter and see granddaughter's Jazz Band Concert. I was absolutely shocked to see her playing the saxophone. She plays several instruments, but this one was news to me. She is a brilliant musician. Proud grandma here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekend Green

There isn't much green outside these days, but the weather has been really nice. Temps are supposed to be in the 60s for the next few days. I picked a shot from our trip to Wyoming last November. This was taken at a rest stop in South Dakota.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

1. Snow is nice when it is the first snow of the season. Gus loves snow.

2. My favorite kind of soup is Split Pea with Ham, homemade version. But my all time favorite meal during cold weather is homemade beef stew.

3. When no one is around, I like to hang out in my PJs all day, with my house socks, of course.
4. Writing is my favorite thing to do first thing in the morning. But sometimes I need a little push.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Week in Review

1. Saturday - met daughter at the outlet mall for some shopping. We had breakfast at Denny's and then hit the stores. She was shopping for jeans and found exactly what she wanted at Tommy Hilfiger. She bought two pair on sale for 50% off. We went into almost all of the stores to see if there was something extra special or on sale. I'm not much of a shopper, but eventually found two shirts I liked. The sales lady set up a dressing room for me. When she asked my name for the tag on the door, my dear, sweet daughter answered, "Big Bad Betty". The sales lady was happy to comply. They appreciated my daughter's humor, thanking us for being fun customers. Daughter is in dire need of some payback. :)

2. Valentines Day - DA gave me a card with a very nice message written inside. We planned to go to dinner, but decided to go on a different day to miss the crowd. And, guess what? My hat came in the mail! I have mentioned Schafer Hat Works in previous posts. If you missed the original post, you can find them starting HERE. Fred makes the hats himself. He has made hats for such notables as Charlie Daniels, both Presidents Bush, Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, General Schwartzkoff, and even Steven Tyler. I feel honored to have a Fred Schafer hat.

 Below is the address in case anyone wants to get one of these awesome hats for themselves.

The hat. I'm underneath.

It's personalized and the lining is luxurious.

Love the hat band.
3. Wednesday - After some discussion, DA and I decided to have a Valentines lunch today. The restaurant choices in this area are not great. One of the trade-offs for living in a small town. So, we decided on Lone Star Steak House. Sadly, they don't open until 4:00 p.m. So, I turned on the good old GPS and found Ruby Tuesday. It wasn't just closed for lunch, it was closed permanently. Next choice, TGIF. They were open.

It wasn't busy and the food was great. We both chose rib eye steaks.

On the way back from Effingham, we pu ton a Michael Martin Murphy CD and took the long way home. The long way took us through the covered bridge.

4. Wednesday Evening - Camera Club - DA came with me after a few months of not going. The photo assignment was love/valentines. I chose a picture of a friend with his horses...

....and DA chose a picture of his best friend, Gus.
We both got Honorable Mention.

5. Thursday - Gus had a vet appointment. He wasn't very cooperative. He is a pansy when it comes to shots. He pulled, ducked, sidestepped, and otherwise avoided getting blood drawn. We finally put him up on the table, where two of us had to hold him down while the vet put grabbed his right front leg and stuck him with the needle. Don tried to calm him from the front and ended up with a tooth in his thumb. The vet was finally able to get her job done. Don was the recipient of a nice, comfy band-aid.

The shots made him tired, so Gus talked DA into having an afternoon nap with him.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Green

Mascha is starting a new meme called Weekend Green. Since green is my favorite color decided to give this one a try.

Fred Schafer of Schafer Hat Works, in the green brick building, called Wednesday to tell me my hat was done and he would be mailing it Thursday. If you want to know more about Mr. Shafer check out my post HERE. He makes hats for some famous people. Her measured my head and has made one especially for me. I can hardly wait to get it. His work is amazing.

This is inside his shop. Not much green in this shot. Can you find it?

I have been playing around with Photoshop and wanted to combine two photos. So cut this little girl out of a crowd of people at the air show last summer and put her on the board walk in The Badlands.

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Two Weeks in Review

I missed posting last week, so I get to review 2 weeks today. I'm retired and still can't seem to find time to post as much as I would like.

1. The most exciting part of the past two weeks was getting to see granddaughter L. She auditioned and won a place on the All State Band, as I mentioned in the previous post, but she also auditioned for The Honor Band and made it. I know I might be a bit prejudiced, but she is one awesome girl.

2. I was a bit distressed that the groundhog saw his shadow. 6 weeks more of winter when it hasn't felt like winter yet. We have only had snow twice and that includes this week. Still, I'm always ready for spring. There is nothing like seeing daffodils pop up. Why does Pennsylvania get to be the determining factor of when winter ends?

3. We had about 2 inches of snow two days ago. Gus loved it. He usually goes out and wants right back in, but I couldn't hardly get him to come in out of the cold while the snow was on the ground.

He didn't like the snow covering his Frisbee. He scooped it out with his nose and then tried to temp me with it. He failed.

Of course, he eventually got cold and begged to come inside. He's a fair weather dog after all.

4. DA, my hubby, had a doc appt with his Cardio surgeon. He got an excellent report and won't need to see him again for 2 years. Hopefully his cardiologist will give him a reprieve too. He sees him in  March.

5. Since DA is on a low sodium diet, I'm trying to make foods with no sodium. It isn't easy since any processed food and a lot of seasonings have way too much salt. Today I'm experimenting with a salt-free spaghetti sauce. Yesterday I made salt-free Italian dressing and it turned out to be a keeper, so made a larger batch today.

Instead of regular pasta, I'm using a veggie pasta. No salt and lower in carbs.

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