Saturday, August 31, 2019

Weekend Roundup - I

Today's assignment: Starts with I, Favorite, and Inspiring.

I didn't think I would find an I worth posting, but then we had a night out at Remington Park.

Starts with I: I found this beautiful statute of an INDIAN riding his pony. The flowers, grass, and pine trees made for the perfect place for a ride.

Favorite: In the 9th race Trixie Racer was considered the favorite. Which meant my meager bet wouldn't bring in much cash if she won. She is one of 5 horses brought over by the trainer, who happens to be the stepson. This made her a favorite of ours, too. So, Hubs and I placed our bets...

...and she won. We were INVITED to have our picture taken with her in the Winner's Circle. INCREDIBLE! 

Inspiring: As this beauty showed her stuff, Hubs and I decided her long legs meant a long stride, IDEAL for a win. She didn't. :(

Just Because: INNOCENT Storm was an INTERESTING name, and most of the time this is how I choose the horse to bet on. However, had she been named Storm, I might have placed a bet, but the INNOCENT part made her seem too docile to win. She didn't.

And Finally: Stepson wanted Hubs to meet one of the owners, so he INTRODUCED them before the last race. It was a fun night!

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Weekend Roundup - H

This week's assignment: Starts with H, Favorite, and Half.

Starts with H: I spotted this guy across the pond in the top of a tree. It was an exciting find, since this is my first actual shot of a Cooper's HAWK.

Favorite: Mr. HUMMINGBIRD was impatiently waiting for me to leave so he could help himself to some nectar.

He doesn't look HAPPY. I think he might have put a HEX on me.

Half: This stray dog was HALF HIDDEN behind our storage shed.

Just Because: I couldn't possibly do an H post without a HORSE, now could I?

And Finally: How about HOT? Yes it has been! Is it HOT where you are?

Oh, What the Heck: How about some HORSE art? Found this beauty in Shawnee, OK. There are several around town, but this is my favorite.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - G

Today's assignment: Starts with G, Favorite, and Green.

Starts with G: The horses finally decided to explore the pasture beyond the pond, but looks like Humphrey likes the GRASS on the lawn side of the fence better.

Favorite: Birds are always my favorite and I do love GREEN. This hummer combines both.

Green: During the GRAND Entry at the rodeo, the Sweethearts of the Rodeo enter carrying flags. This sweetheart's shirt and hearts match her horse. GREEN is my favorite color. 

Just Because: No way I could have a G post without a picture of my beloved GUS. Here I'm getting the impatient stare because he wants me to throw the ball instead of taking his pic.

And Finally: This picture was taken last spring. Mama GOOSE and her GOSLINGS enjoying a rest in the shade.

What the Heck - One More: Beloved GRANDSON'S high school GRADUATION.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - F

This weeks assignment: Starts with F, Favorite, and Full.

Starts with F: What is a parade without a FIRETRUCK? There were several in this year's Independence Day celebration.

Favorite: Horses are a FAVORITE of mine. Especially this FLEABIT Roan on a FOGGY morning.

Full: We have had a lot of rain this year. After a downpour, this puddle was so FULL of water a goose decided to have a bath.

Just Because: Have you seen the movie 8 Seconds? If you have, or if you follow rodeo, you will know Lane FROST was a FAMOUS bullrider during the 80s. His last ride was at Cheyenne FRONTIER Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He completed a successful ride, dismounted, and landed in the dirt. The bull turned and hit him in the back with his horn. The impact caused broken ribs. Lane initially got up and waived at his friend, Tuff Hedeman, for help. He took a couple of steps and then fell. The impact caused his ribs to puncture his heart and lungs. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Last month we went to the rodeo near Ada, OK. Lane had competed there many times. On the night we were there, Lane FROST was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. His mother (pictured below) accepted the award. 

And Finally: This Red-winged blackbird was showing of his FEATHERS when he flew off the FEEDER.

Wait! One More: The end. A FLY'S end, that is. He mooned me as I was about to snap the pic. :)

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Weekend Roundup - E

This week's assignment: Starts with E, Favorite, and Evening.

Starts with E: This is Gus with one EAR up and one EAR down.

Favorite: E is another opportunity to ENJOY my EAGLE pics. I'm sure I won't see another until after the first of the year. So EXCITING!

Evening: I enjoy sitting outside as the EVENING sun colors the sky.

Just Because: Bella's EYES are the most beautiful shade of blue.

And Finally: A great EGRET trying to decide how dangerous I am. Must have thought I looked pretty scary because he flew right after I snapped the pic.

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