Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday Treasures

There is an interesting story about this property. A well-known gangster back in the 1930s (sadly, I don't remember which one) once owned this property. It is suspected he was murdered since he disappeared mysteriously. Too bad my memory is defective. It was a great story. 

I would love to own this piece of land and this little rock house. A true fixer upper. Okay, it would probably take a lot of fixer uppering, but the end result would be great. 

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  1. ...the history that is often hidden in old places! I hate it when I can't remember things, it happen more and more these days. Thanks Betty for sharing, enjoy your week and please stop back.

  2. Betty, every building has a story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is fun to pick the right pony!

  4. I love the mystery story with gangsters! :)
    Thank you for sharing, Betty!

  5. I would love to have it to fix up, too!