Saturday, August 22, 2020

Weekend Roundup - H

This weeks assignment: Starts with H, Favorite, and Heavy. 

Starts with HThis is my week! H = HORSE  What makes me HAPPY? Well, HORSES make me HAPPY. I'm especially HAPPY while watching colts at play, running, jumping, and chasing each other in the pasture. This little guy was having a nap before I woke him up.

Favorite: This is my favorite HORSE pic from last week. Whiskey makes a wonderful subject. I don't like to say Whiskey is my favorite, but he might be. The other HORSES don't seem to like being around him. I wonder if it is because he is white.

Heavy: As you can see, these HORSES are well cared for. They have plenty of grass and are still provided with feed every morning to keep them HEALTHY. They are HEAVIER than most HORSES I see in other pastures.

Just Because: This little piggy, I mean Horsey, loves carrots. He is HOVERING over the bag, waiting for me to hand him a tasty treat.

And Finally: This is a HERD of HORSES racing to get to the feed troughs. 

I happened to be in Walmart to pick up a prescription last Wednesday. I overheard one of the clerks telling a lady they had the over 65 flu shots in and if she needed one to get it quickly as they would be out soon. They are expecting to give a lot more than usual this year. So, if you haven't done so and need to, better get yours. We went the next day to get ours. Last year we had to search and wait. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Have a great weekend! 

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Weekend Roundup - G

Today's assignment: Starts with G, Favorite, and Green

Starts with G: Whiskey enjoys GRASS. He spends the majority of his life GRAZING.

Favorite: Meet Nero. He is GALLOPING toward the truck bringing bags of feed.

Green: This Ruby-throated Hummingbird is GREEN and he is surrounded by GREEN sunflower leaves.

Just Because: This is my GUN. It stays loaded with snake shot. I take it with me when I go walking in the woods, across the pasture, and near the pond. We have a variety of poisonous snakes and they are not hard to find. So far, I haven't had to shoot one, but at least I'm prepared if the need arises. Notice it also provides a hint of GREEN.

And Finally: This is Whiskey, again. He is a male horse that has lost something of importance to him which makes him a GELDING.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Weekend Roundup - F

Today's assignment: Starts with F, Favorite, and Full.

Starts with F: FLAG starts with F. Hubs and I took a drive looking for FLAGS to post. Some you may like, some you may not, but they are all FLAGS. We do still live in a FREE country, so each FAMILY has the right to FLY their preference. There is one from our trip to Yellowstone. You might be able to FIND it.

Favorite: This FLEABIT Roan is one of my FAVORITE horse pics.

Full: I took this pic of FULL grocery carts to send to Hubs to let him know what was taking me so long to buy groceries. This was during the toilet paper rush, although the lady in front of me had a cart FULL of beer. Hmm. Silly me, I only bought my usual supply.

Just Because: There is a cafe called BOOMERANG near us. They still serve root beer in FROSTY glasses.

And Finally: This little FAWN stops by with her mother occasionally.

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