Friday, June 7, 2019

Weekend Roundup - W

It's been a very busy month: Grandson's graduation trip, Hubs hospitalized with pneumonia, moved from tiny living RV to a little bigger tiny living home, and suffering from resulting back pain. I'm still wondering how we got all that 'stuff' in that RV. Anyway, things are starting to settle down so I can get back to having fun visiting blogs.

This week's assignment: Starts with W, Favorite, and Wall.

Starts with W: WATER starts with W. WE sure have been having more than our fair share. I'm ready for sunny skies. This is a picture from Northwestern Illinois about 3 weeks ago.

Favorite: There's no doubt about it, my favorite hamburger comes from WHATABURGER. Yum!

Wall: A friend of ours recently built a house. The kitchen WALLS are made from knotty pine. Beautiful!

Just Because: Our all-time favorite vacation spot, WYOMING!

And Finally: WELCOME Gnomes on my step-daughter's front porch.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Weekend Roundup - V

This week's assignment. Starts with V, Favorite, and Vertical. 

Starts with V: VEGETABLE starts with V and broccoli sure is a tasty treat.

Favorite: VOLKSWAGENS are always a favorite of mine. My first car was a 1964 Red VW Bug. Loved that car. I once packed 9 high school kids inside and drove 30 miles to the fair. It wasn't a comfortable ride, but not one person has forgotten that fun summer adventure. 

Vertical: I saw this old abandoned screen from a drive-in theater somewhere in Missouri. It has a nice VERTICAL pole.

Just Because: This isn't a VIOLET, but it is a VIOLET color.

And Finally: Since hubs is on a strict diet, I use VEGGIE pasta instead of the regular kind. We think it tastes pretty good.

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The Weekend Roundup - U

This week's assignment: Starts with U, Favorite, and Unusual.

Starts with U: This barn swallow lives UNDER our porch roof.

Favorite: This is my favorite because my grandson is in this picture. He is wearing his graduation UNIFORM. 

Unusual: We were driving down the interstate and pulled up behind these strawberries riding on a truck. Seems UNUSUAL to me.

Just Because: This red-bellied woodpecker is perched high UP on a light pole. He stops by every morning to check the pole for insects.

And Finally: This turtle lives UNDERWATER, but he doesn't have any trouble figuring out when humans throw fish food in the water.

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