Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - T

I finished my T post before I went out of town, but sadly couldn't figure out how to actually post it from my iPad. But I couldn't miss, so posted anyway.

Today's assignment: Starts with T, Favorite, and Tall.

Starts with T: TURKEY starts with T. This one was strolling along the front pond, then crossed the road and disappeared.

Favorite: Anything in Nature is a favorite of mine. TURTLES included.

Tall: This rocking chair TOWERS over the TOWN. Guess it would be considered TALL. This is one of many 'biggest' items which can be seen in Casey, IL.

Just Because: This is the book mobile TRUCK parked outside the library in town.

And Finally: This THUNDERBIRD is a real beauty!

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Combination Sunday

I'm multitasking this morning. I've been preoccupied with Hubs. He had pneumonia and has been in the hospital. Fortunately, he is out and much better.

I drove by to check on the mamas and look what I found. A baby! Isn't she cute?

Then there is this little guy, equally as cute. I tried to get a pic of the one laying down when he lifted his head, but my finger wasn't quick enough. He was enjoying the warm sunshine. The Mamas were on alert.

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The Blue Grosbeaks are back. I saw this guy a couple of days ago. 

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I found a red barn. They are few and far between around here.

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I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm getting ready to go to Illinois for my grandson's high school graduation, so will be missing for a while.

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - S

This week's assignment: Starts with S, Favorite, and Small.

Starts with S: Nothing better than a beautiful SUNSET after a day well SPENT.

Favorite: But a beautiful SUNRISE, while drinking coffee on the porch, is my favorite time of the day.

Small: Big dog, SMALL dog. This is our pup, Gus, with his runaway friend, Buford T. Pusser, the beagle. I found his owner and delivered him home. Gus was SAD. I was SAD. I wanted to keep him, but his family would have missed him. He was a SWEETHEART.

Just Because: Before relocating to Oklahoma, I didn't realize there were so many varieties of SPARROWS. This is a Harris's SPARROW. I always think of SPARROWS as being plain, but some are pretty. 

And Finally: STAGECOACH starts with S. This one was for SALE at the Mule SALE in Ada, OK. 

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Friday, May 3, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - R

Today's assignment: Begins with R, Favorite, and Red.

Start's with R: RANCH begins with R and this one is a beauty.

Favorite: When I go on a back-ROAD-RAMBLE, this is one of my favorite ROADS to RAMBLE down. Up on the left is a pond where I often see herons, egrets, and other birds.

Red: There is nothing more beautiful than a cardinal's RED feathers. 

Just Because: This meadow lark was hanging out on the ground during a light RAIN.

And Finally: This ROOSTER was hanging out by our table at the Country Kitchen RESTAURANT. They serve tasty blueberry pancakes.

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