Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

All photos taken in Southeaster Oklahoma.

Lark Sparrow. Since being in Oklahoma, I have learned there are more than one variety of sparrows. A new variety joined the feeder group this week. 

Great Egret. Saw this guy meandering along a creek. I got out of the truck and stood on the running board to get a pick over a weed covered fence. He kept an eye on me, but didn't fly away as I thought he would.

Wild Turkey. I've been seeing a lot of turkeys recently and am trying without much success to get pics of a Tom Turkey in all his glory. I saw these guys across a pasture, slammed on the brakes, raised my camera, and waited. And waited. And waited. That is until a truck came up behind me and I had to give up. This is the best I could do. Mooned by turkeys. Sad. :)

Cardinal. This guy was about to be blown away on this windy morning. 

Upland Sandpiper. These guys are still here. I keep expecting them to move on, but so far they are still entertaining me.

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  1. neat to see the turkeys with their tails spread.

  2. Very nice photos Betty!
    I love the cardinal with its red feathers! :)

  3. Great to have the Lark Sparrow, one of the most handsome of all the sparrows.

  4. that cardinal, wow, what a gorgeous capture. some cardinals are just a bit brighter than others and that is a rich and beautiful color!

  5. the red guy is a bit perturbed by the wind messing with his "hair" ...

  6. lol, the cardinal has a great hairdo :) It is hard to catch larks. Love your shot :)