Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Birds

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a lot of rain last week. When I was finally able to get out, I grabbed my camera and took off. This guy was enjoying an armadillo. A dead on the road armadillo, of course. He flew away, just prior to impact with my bumper, and waited for me to leave perched on this concrete post beside the road.

Later the fog rolled in and I saw these guys out my kitchen window. They sure are creepy, but perform a much needed service.

This happy little bluebird was enjoying a bath in a mud puddle. The following shots are only a few of the massive amount I took. 

 Once the bath was over, the drying began.

All photos were taken in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Happy Easter!

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This Week in Critters

After 3 days of heavy rain, the sun finally came out. I hung a pot of wave petunias and planted 3 butterfly bushes along the side of the porch. Gus watched while I dug in the mud. I guess it was his job to guard the perimeter. 

Once the work was done, Gus wanted to take a ride in the truck, so we took off down the road. We have new neighbors and they have critters. So far I've seen chickens, a rooster, goats, a paint horse, and this cute little donkey. Gus likes to ride with his head out the window, so he was immediately on guard when this little guy ran toward us, treating us to his very loud bray. Gus barked back.

If you haven't heard a donkey, check out this YouTube video HERE.

This is one of the two goats now living down the road. So cute!

The blue heron pond didn't have a blue heron, but it did have a turtle sitting on a log. As a matter of fact every pond I passed had turtles sunning themselves after the rain. 

Fortunately, I remembered to bring carrots so we could stop and feed the horses. Bo was the first one at the fence. He loves carrots.

It seemed to be a day for runaway critters. At first I thought this was a feral hog, but as I got closer I could see he belonged inside the fence. He chased me when I drove off. Guess he was lost. 

A few miles and a different road later, the road was blocked by these cuties. Fortunately, they let me pass without incident.

Last evening, I had the door open to let the cool breeze in. Gus likes the door open so he can run in and out at will. He was outside on the porch when I saw him hop up and start barking toward the front pond. He then ran to the door, stared at me, barked at me to come on, and then ran back outside. Of course, I followed. He always comes to get me when he sees a good critter. I have him trained well. This is what I saw.

My photography assistant barked which had them looking up to see what the ruckus was. He always gets them to pose, or run away. Often it is run away. :)

All photos were taken in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Those are my critters for this week. Good critter hunting to all. Camera hunting, that is. :)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Monday, while checking all the usual ponds, I was happy to find this Great Egret. He posed for a while...

...and then made his way to the far side.

And then the rain came. This bedraggled Cardinal came out for a snack between raindrops.

I don't think this Meadowlark likes the rain. He looks a little sad.

Hopefully, after today, there will be blue skies again. Stay dry!

All of these photos were taken in southeastern Oklahoma.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bird d'Pot

I'm happy to report another bird has found its way to our feeders. According to Merlin Bird ID, this is a Carolina Chickadee. 

I have seen several Cardinals around, but they are not good posers. Finally snapped this shot...

...and then tried for a second. Oh well, hopefully, I will have better luck next try.

This happy little Guinea Fowl waited patiently for me to drive by so he could cross the road.


Harris's Sparrow

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Thelma and Louise

Friends BE and CE bought these ladies, with number 37 and 38 tags in their ears, back in December. A day or two later, number 38 went missing. She was gone for several days before a neighboring rancher found her in with his herd. 

Upon 38's return, CE changed their names from 37 and 38 to Thelma and Louise. Louise was the runner. She is the farthest cow in this shot. Since her adventure, she seems to have calmed down.

They were enjoying our 80 degree day.

Callie pup was trying Louise's patience. Brave pup or really dumb pup, I can't decide. Fortunately Callie took off before Louise got to her feet.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Barn Collective

Saw this beauty on an early morning drive looking for birds. 

A little farther down the road, I saw this barn. I believe it contains equipment and hay.

I don't think this is a barn. I believe it will be a garage one day. But it looks to have been in this condition for quite some time. Notice the priority - a door. Guess they will need some way to get inside to finish it up. :)

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Another Bird Day

We've been having a lot of wind the last few days. Makes for a lot of bad hair days.

Savannah Sparrow

Barn Swallow

 Mr. Eastern Bluebird 

 Mrs. Bluebird is building a nest in our pipe fence. While Mr. watches. 

She was busy finding building material when she saw me watching her from the window. I hope to see some babies one of these days.

This is one of those really, really far away shots. I think it is a hooded merganser. Can anyone see it well enough to see if my ID is correct? If so, it is a first for me.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Wren Day

The birds are becoming more plentiful at the feeder. A couple of days ago, the Wren stopped by. The bird app says this is a Bewick's Wren. Didn't know there were more than one type of wren. He hung out on the wagon wheel for a second, but that was long enough to snap a quick shot.

The next day I saw him up the road on a branch.

 He was singing a song. I'm sure it was just for me. :)

Then, this morning I saw him sitting on the top of a pipe connected to the fence. Sadly, by the time I snapped the shot he had ducked inside and then immediately flew away.  They are speedy little things.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday Five

1. This week, I decided to find Wintersmith Park in Ada, OK. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a great place to walk and also to feed my addiction of photographing birds.

2. We are surrounded by a hay field. It has had orange grass, which makes for colorful pics. It has now been mowed in preparation for a new hay crop.  I will miss the color, but it now looks like a nicely mowed lawn.

3. We have had the best sunsets this week. This is my favorite. It even has a bit of sun reflecting on the pond.

4. I was excited to find some tiny flowers blooming near our fence. Spring has sprung! It's my favorite season.

5. Yesterday I happened by a rafter of turkeys. This is but a few of the many.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

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