Friday, January 21, 2022

Weekend Roundup - C

 This week's assignment: Starts with C, Favorite C, and Crack.

Starts with C: COW starts with C. This lady is enjoying a cold drink of water on this cool January day.

Favorite: I am totally and completely in love with this horse. CHICA will be a mama come spring. Note the C brand on her thigh.

Crack: This pileated woodpecker is searching for insects hidden inside the CRACKS on this pole.

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Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Weekend Roundup - B

 This week's assignment: Starts with B, Favorite, and Bicycle.

Starts with B: BIRD starts with B. This BLUE Heron likes to fish from a dead tree by the pond. 

Favorite: This is BONNIE. She is a BEAUTY, inside and out. 

Bicycle: Grandson Dylan riding his BICYCLE across a BRIDGE. Downtown Nashville in the BACKGROUND.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Weekend Roundup - A

 This week's assignment: Starts with A, "A" Favorite, and Alone.

Starts with A: ANGEL wings start with an A. Took this picture in Tishomingo. It's painted on the side of the Junk Stars building. Blake Shelton's mother is the owner.

Favorite: APPLE starts with A. They are a favorite snack of mine. Plus this picture is on the cover of my first book of short stories titled The APPLE Tree. 

Alone: This soon to be mama was all alone in the pasture. Looking forward to seeing her baby.

Have a wonderful week!

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