Friday, October 18, 2019

Weekend Roundup - P

This week's assignment: Starts with P, Favorite, and Pattern.

Starts with P:  This rodeo clown decided to wear a bright PINK shirt.

Favorite:  These two beauties would make a fine-looking PAIR while pulling a wagon.

Pattern: Mr. Dilly is covered in PATTERNS. 

Just Because: One sorrel and two PAINTS—running.

And Finally: Mr. Cardinal is PERCHED on a dead tree limb.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Weekend Roundup - O

This week's assignment: Starts with O, Favorite, and Over.

Starts with O: My favorite place to have lunch is OLE Red in Tishomingo, OK. 

Favorite: My favorite breakfast food is OATMEAL. This is blueberry OVERNIGHT OATMEAL. In the winter, Mom always made hot cereal for breakfast. She made OATMEAL with raisins and lots of fresh cream and sugar. Yum! Mom's was the best. I made the OWL spoon rest for my mom in the early 70s. She kept it on her stove until she passed away. Now I use it.

Over: This is Socks the mule. He likes to roll OVER in the dirt. Especially when he had a bath a couple of hours before. Bad Socks!

Just Because: OKLAHOMA University and University of Texas are football rivals. Every year in October the rivalry extends to everyone in both states, as they meet in Dallas for a game. Since I lived in Texas for over 30 years, my allegiance has always been with UT. Now that I live in OKLAHOMA, I feel I should root for the home team, but I can't seem to do it. This is a sign by the gate of a ranch south of Ada, OK. Guess they will be chanting Boomer Sooner while we chant Hook 'em Horns!

And Finally: A couple of times per year, several people hitch their mules to wagons and form a mule train. They travel for a few days, stopping at designated areas to camp. I wait for them to pass by and take pictures. This is the outrider dressed in his ORANGE vest to warn oncoming traffic.

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - N

This week's assignment: Starts with N, Favorite, and Number.

Starts with N: NOSE begins with N. And Dylan has decided his friend needs a NOSE lick for some reason. 

Favorite: NEW begins with N. In this case, how about a NEW horse. He is a nice one too. 

Since it is fall, time to switch out my summer hat for a NEW felt one. 

Number: An address on a fence, which includes NUMBERS.

Just Because: Do you remember NEWLY from the long-running Gunsmoke series? NEWLY a.k.a. Buck Taylor is an actor and also an artist. We have several of his prints dotting our walls and they are all western themed. Below is one titled Dad and Me. For those who are fans of westerns, you will recognize his father in this picture—Dub Taylor.

And Finally: How about a quilt made up of characters in NURSERY rhymes? Totally my work. I'm not the embroidery expert or quilter that my mom was, but I'm quite proud of this baby quilt. I won't tell you how many years it took me to finish it. Let's just say the grandchild it was meant for is now in high school. :) Still Mom would have been proud.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Weekend Roundup - M

This week's assignment: Starts with M, Favorite, and Mini.

Starts with M: MOON starts with M. This is only a sliver, but even so, it's the MOON. 

Favorite: This is Socks the MULE. A rather handsome MULE after his MANE and tail were trimmed. This was taken during a MULE photo shoot. He is being sold, so I took pics for the sale magazine. I will MISS seeing him run out in the pasture, but won't miss his trying to sneak through the gate every time we need to go somewhere. He likes to sneak through and enjoy a grass snack. Our yard is nearly an acre, so it takes lots of energy for running around like crazy people, and loud yelling to get him out. We need a trained herding dog. Gus, our red heeler, is useless. All he wants to do is stand on the porch and bark at them. :) 

Mini: These are not ponies, nor are they colts. These are MINI horses and they are full grown. Not suitable for riding unless you are a MINI person.

Just Because: Posting a pic from foaling season this spring. The is a MARE and her colt.

And Finally: This is Mr. MOCKINGBIRD in the late evening sun.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - L

This week's assignment: Starts with L, Favorite, and Lake.

Starts with L: LOAFING shed starts with L. These two guys were enjoying some time out of the sun.

Favorite: The LAWNMOWER man uses this horse trailer to haul his equipment. He left it outside the fence in the pasture. The horses thought they were going for a ride and LOADED themselves.

Lake: Sylvan LAKE is a small lake inside Custer State Park, SD.

Just Because: Caught this red-tailed hawk as he was LEAVING his perch.

And Finally: A LONGHORN on a LEATHER bridle. A favorite of mine.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Weekend Roundup - K

This week's assignment: Starts with K, Favorite, and Kinds.

Starts with K: This is a KITE, a Mississippi Kite that is. 

Favorite: I love animals and this KID holding this Kitty is my grandson, who happens to be a favorite of mine. It was a stray KITTEN he was trying to convince his mother to let him KEEP.

Kinds: There are many different KINDS of wildflowers and I love them all. Here are a few from this summer.

Just Because: A beautiful Western KINGBIRD handing out on a barbed-wire fence.

And Finally: Okay, one more bird. This is a Belted KINGFISHER.

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Weekend Roundup - J

This week's assignment: Starts with J, Favorite, and Junk.

Starts with J: On a recent trip to Oklahoma City, while waiting for the horse races to begin, we had lunch at a restaurant located inside Remington Park. There were JUGS on the tables. Sadly, the JUGS were empty. 

Favorite: I do enjoy going to the races. It's one of my favorite things to do. This JOCKEY is riding a horse I placed a massive $2 bet on. Sadly, he didn't win. 

This is but one of many JOCKEY statutes scattered around the paddock at Remington Park.

Junk: This is a JUNKY old truck hanging over the entrance to a store called JUNK Stars in Tishomingo, OK. The store is owned by Dorothy Shelton, Blake's mother.

Just Because: This slot machine gives one the opportunity to match the letter J. I didn't play, but I did admire the colors.

And Finally: This statute of JESUS is located across the street from the Oklahoma City Bombing Museum. Sad.

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