Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday Critters

It was a gloomy day, so in order to eradicate boredom, Gus and I went for a back road ramble. 

Our first stop was to snap a pic of that stately steed. Gus was busy barking at him and he was busy staring Gus down.

On the return trip, I saw what could have been a tree limb shaped like a squirrel, but in actuality is was a squirrel...

A rather strange looking squirrel. I have never seen one with a white and black ring on its tail. An anomaly?

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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Weekend Roundup - S

Today's Prompts: Starts with S, Favorite, and Shimmering.

Starts with S: SMOKE. This pic was taken in the SPRING. I look SOUTH and saw SMOKE. It's a SCARY SIGHT in these parts, but fortunately it was a controlled burn of a brush pile and didn't SPREAD.

Favorite: I sure do enjoy seeing a beautiful SUNSET. This one really caught my eye, so had to grab my camera.

Shimmering: Another pic from the SPRING. This egret was reflected in the SHIMMERING water.

Just Because: Again a picture from the SPRING. We went to SURREY Hills Farm to an auction. We didn't buy anything, but I enjoyed watching those who did.

And Finally: A SNAKE. He was crossing the road as I was driving by. I STOPPED, leaned out the window, and got a pic. Non-poisonous variety. STILL SCARY.

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Willy Nilly Friday Five

This is one of the back roads I like to ramble down. This one has stretches of good gravel, whereas most are more like the red dirt roads mentioned in a Brooks and Dunn song. This is the reason I am now driving a truck instead of a car. Birds have been scarce, so I have been looking for fall color.

This red color is courtesy of a sumac tree/bush. I never know what to call them. 

This nicely colored tree is located across the hay field from my kitchen window.

Below are horses that belong to our famous neighbor. I never heard of him, but those avid watchers of The Amazing Race might recognize his name and that of his brother. They were rodeo cowboys and played the game together.

Before coming here to visit our friends, I had only passed through Oklahoma on a highway in the eastern side. I didn't realize there were so many hills. It sure is beautiful. I miss having orange grass around us this year. I liked taking pictures with the random orange color. A second hay cutting kept it low to the ground this winter.
That's my five. This is country all around where I now live. I truly do live in the middle-of-nowhere and I love it!

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Pumpkin Carving Party

1. Last weekend we were invited to a Pumpkin Carving Party at a friend's house. I enjoyed the flower garden decor.

2. I got to meet a new pup. His name is JoJo. He is a city dog and kept trying to go explore the hay field across the road. This random exploring caused him to be captured and incarcerated inside the fenced yard.

3. In lieu of a hay ride, this year the kids got to have a ride on Bonnie. This little lady is being led by her great grandpa...

...and this little lady by her dad.

4. Then it was dad's turn. City boy's first time on a horse. He was led by his friend. 

5. After pumpkin carving, food, and fun, it was time for the adults to relax in front of a fire with a brew or two. 

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Weekend Roundup - R

This week's prompts: Starts with R, Favorite, and Red.

Starts with R: RIDER starts with R. This little RIDER enjoyed an assisted RIDE around the yard on Bonnie. 

Favorite: I do love birds. Especially hawks. I stopped in the middle of a county highway to get a shot of this RED-shouldered hawk. Good thing there wasn't any traffic. I was surprised he allowed me to get out of the truck without flying away. 

Red: My new-to-me RED RIDE. I planned to get a car for my back road rambles, but after seeing the rough back roads around here,  I decided a truck would be a better option. We bought it from an estate sale in Texas. It now sports Oklahoma tags.

Just Because: This is one of the ROADS I like to drive down to look for birds and other critters. I often see deer crossing in this area.

When taking the picture of the ROAD, I spotted this lonely ROUND bail peeking through the trees.

And Finally: REMINGTON Park in Oklahoma City is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. I hope to go again before the season ends. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Weekend Roundup - Q

This weeks prompts: Starts with Q, Favorite, and Quantity.

Starts with Q: QUEEN starts with Q.

Favorite: My mother sewed these QUILT pieces before she passed away. I had it QUILTED. I started to put it up in the closet to save for one of my grandchildren, but they were born too late to know her. So, I decided I should enjoy it myself and I sure do.

Quantity: I won't know the QUANTITY of cuties in this bowl until I count them.

Just Because: Ducks QUACK.

And Finally: QUAIL hanging out along the side of the road.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Weekend Roundup - P

This week's prompts: Starts with P, Favorite, and Pretty. I'm drawing all my pics from a visit to Remington PARK in Oklahoma City. Hubby's stepson is a trainer so we got a tour of the backside of the track.

Starts with P: PADDOCK starts with P. This is the area where the horses are saddled before a race.

Favorite: I absolutely love gray horses and always root for them during a race. This horse was my favorite of the night. He gave me my big win of the night. A $2.00 ticket to show. He came in 3rd, so I won a whopping $4.80. Yes, I am a big time better. I took $12.00 to the betting window throughout the night. Subtracting my winnings, I ended the night with a deficit of $7.20. Not bad for all the fun that $7.20 gave me.

Pretty: This PRETTY horse is named Speedy Fella. He wasn't scheduled to race, so missed seeing him in action. I hate to call a male horse PRETTY, but he sure is.

Just Because: PRE race PREPARATION in the PADDOCK. This is one of the horses stepson trained. He is PREPARING to race. He had a rough start and was last for a while because of it, but ended up 3rd. If only that other horse hadn't been in his way he probably would have won. 

This is him with the jockey walking to the gate. PRETTY IN PINK.

And Finally: You can't have horse races without jockeys and this one is a treasure at Remington PARK. His name is PAT Steinberg.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Weekend Roundup - O

Today's prompts are: Starts with O, Favorite, and Open

Starts with O: OZARKS starts with O. Took this picture on one of our trips home from visiting daughter. 

Favorite: This is one of my favorite sky pictures. OMINOUS starts with O. We have been having lots of rain and some storms. This picture was taken one evening as rather OMINOUS clouds were moving in from the southeast.

Open: The door to this OLD OUTHOUSE is OPEN. 

Just Because: You can't have too many pictures of OUTHOUSES, right? I've posted both of these pics before, but I was a little hard up for Os. This OUTHOUSE is in much better condition.

And Finally: The above OUTHOUSE has interesting items hung on the wall. I learned a new word from one of the signs. Samson's Stimulating ONGUENT For the Hair and Whiskers. I had to look it up. Seems it is a french word meaning ointment or salve. 

And Now, Really Finally, But of Most Importance: This is the award the person who saved my husband's life received. It is signed by OBAMA.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Weekend Roundup - N

This weeks prompts are Starts with N, Favorite, and Near.

Starts with N: NECK starts with N and this buck is stretching his NECK to reach a tasty leaf.

Favorite: This is Gus. He is taking a NAP.

Near: In order to feed carrots to the horses, one must have their fingers NEAR those big teeth.

Just Because:  This NEON sign is on the wall of Ole Red in Tishomingo, OK. Blake Shelton's bar/grill.

And Finally: An N post wouldn't be complete with a NOSE picture. This is Gus resting in an odd position while we were traveling.

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