Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - W

This week's assignment: Starts with W, Favorite, and Water.

Starts with W: Winter starts with W.  We had a little snow at my daughter's house during Thanksgiving. Ole Red looks kind of nice with snow highlights. We had a WONDERFUL visit, but it sure was nice to get back to Oklahoma where the WEATHER is a little better.

Favorite: Of course, I found a way to get a horse in the post. They are always a favorite of mine. I believe this WHITE horse would be considered a flea bit roan, but still WHITE to me.

Water: Part of the fun at the Chickasaw Cultural Center is feeding the turtles and catfish. They had the WATER churning.

This WATER fountain is also located at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Just Because: I found this replica of a WOODEN WATER WHEEL in Tishomingo, OK.

And Finally: This WAGON was being sold at the mule sale in Ada, OK. 

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Barn Collective

I found this barn on a recent back-road-ramble. At least I think it's a barn. There seem to be curtains in the window, so could be a house. Or, could be a barn/house. Whatever it is, it sure is big.

This is a barn from my spring trip to Illinois. Sure am missing spring. 

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Weekend Roundup - T

This week's assignment is: Starts with T, Favorite, and Two

Starts with T: TIARA starts with T. This rodeo queen wears her TIARA over her hat.

Favorite: I love TRUCKS. I drive a Chevrolet Silverado, but it isn't as awesome as this older model. I'm not sure of the year. Anyone know?

Two: I drove by TWO deer down by our gate. I stopped to warn them about the hunter down in the woods. I think they are small enough they will make it through hunting season.

Just Because: I had money on this number TEN horse. Stepson is the TRAINER. 

He won. We got to be in the winner's circle pic. Fun evening.

And Finally: I'm going to be out of town for the next TWO weeks, so thought I would wish everyone an early Happy THANKSGIVING. For a TABLECLOTH, my daughter covers the TABLE with brown paper. She supplies markers and we all draw a picture and say what we are THANKFUL for. I have a lot to be THANKFUL for this year. What about you? Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Duck, Duck, Deer, Barn

Since we moved last spring, it has been difficult to get nature pictures. Our lawn doesn't have any trees and it is huge. outside the fence, there is a pond and lots of trees, but I can't sneak up on the critters. They have a clear view of me inching toward them. I'm reduced to extremely long shots, which doesn't make for very good pics. But I try.

I have seen ducks on the pond the last few days, but Gus likes to bark and scare them away. This morning I was able to get one halfway decent shot before they flew. Wood ducks.

First thing this morning, before it was light enough for pics, there were 5 deer over by the garden. Later, this deer came out of the woods. He was a little closer than the ducks on the pond, but not much. He seems to have had an altercation with another buck or perhaps a tree—one antler and a stub.

I found this fine old barn on one of my back-road-rambles in October. 

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Weekend Roundup - S

Today's assignment: Starts with S, Favorite, and Single.

Starts with S: I took Gus for a STROLL this afternoon. After a few days of rain, it was nice to see this beautiful SKY. 

Favorite: Hubs took me down to Ole Red in Tishomingo, OK for lunch on the 4th. Since we were celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, we ordered the BS Bloody Mary. BS is short for a couple of not-so-nice words, but I choose to believe it is named after the owner, Blake SHELTON. It has a STRAW, Mr. Shelton's own SMITHWORKS vodka, and a SLIM Jim, among numerous other items. We could have called lunch over after finishing all the goodies. But, of course, we didn't. The drink wasn't very STRONG. No buzz. I would know since I'm not much of a drinker. Two mixed drinks would put me under the table. After a walk around downtown Tish, we drove by the original Chickasaw National Capitol Building, and checked out a nature reserve. SADLY, we didn't see any birds.

Single: Last evening on the local news, they were talking about this wildflower. Seems scientists believe it may have medicinal uses. It is called SNOW on the Mountain. This is a SINGLE bloom.

A few more blooms.

And this is SEVERAL blooms. They sure are pretty scattered around in pastures. 

Just Because: This is one fine looking SADDLE. 

And Finally: While visiting Tishomingo, OK, happened to look down and see this STAR in the sidewalk.

What? No horse? I surely can't have a post without a horse: This is Dylan, Romeo, and SOCKS the Mule on a frosty morning.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Weekend Roundup - R

This week's assignment: Starts with R, Favorite, and Red.

Starts with R: Meet Tatum. He is a RED ROAN and a gentle riding horse. 

Favorite: READING is one of my favorite things to do on cold RAINY days, like the ones we recently suffered through. I shouldn't complain, since we didn't get snow or ice. The ROSE bookmark was a present from my granddaughter. A reminder of her European tour with her high school band.

Red: I like RED. It isn't my favorite color, but it was my mother's. I certainly do enjoy a RED barn though. I found this one last spring while visiting my daughter in Illinois. 

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - Q

Today's assignment: Starts with Q, Favorite, and Quiet.

Starts with Q: This is a trail cam pic, which is currently attached to our front porch. The horses sneaked through the gate into our yard. We were in a QUANDARY trying to decide how to remove them. No matter which way we ran, they ran the other. It's a huge yard. We finally called in assistance from the neighbor. We were QUITE tired.

Favorite: Horses and birds are always a favorite of mine. I have been seeing a few more birds recently, probably due to southern migration, so went for a long back road ramble. Sadly, no bird finds, but did fall in love with this beautiful paint horse. This is the best shot I could get since someone had the audacity to drive on the same road as me. :)

Quiet: Shhh, QUIET, Gus is sleeping.

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