Friday, April 20, 2018

Baby Critters

It's spring and time for the babies. I absolutely love seeing the little ones, especially foals. We found this mom and baby on our way to the feed store to buy Gus his favorite pig ears. This is the foal photographed alone. 
And this is the foal with mama.

 Not interested in going back home, we drove a back road and saw this mom and her foal.
 Although horses are a favorite of mine, I do enjoy a good looking cow and calf. I really like the calf's markings. The calf is following its mom. The cow pictured merely happened to be in my line of fire.

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Weekend Roundup - P

This week's assignment:

P = Pig
This is Margo. She belongs to a friend of ours. Margo is a pot bellied pig. Her best friend is a black and white cat. You rarely see one without the other. As you might be able to tell from this picture, she hasn't missed many meals. She is a nice pig, but talks smack if you don't have a tasty treat.

Favorite = Pony
These two ponies were inside a stock trailer. They were on their way to a ranch where some horse trading would be going on. I wanted to keep this one. Isn't he cute?

Purple = Iris
I found this Iris growing in a fence row. I can only assume it was a volunteer plant or there once was a house nearby. 

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a back road ramble, so Gus and I climbed into the truck and took off. It was a productive birding day. I saw a blue heron, great egret, wren, blue jay, redheaded woodpecker, scissor-tail flycatchers, northern shovelers, geese, and the list goes on. I wasn't able to get pics of all of them, but it sure was a treat to see them enjoying the spring weather.

While chasing a scissor-trail flycatcher, we turned down a lane leading to a cemetery. It has a very nice entrance. Curious, I decided to check it out. This cemetery has a large pavilion where I assume all graveside services are held, providing shelter from rain and the hot summer sun.

A few feet away stands an outhouse. Convenient, but the doors are broken and appear not to close at all since the center section is on the ground. Note there is plenty of tissue for anyone who wants to give it a go. :)

After seeing this house of convenience, I am truly thankful for indoor plumbing and doors. 

Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

All photos taken in Southeaster Oklahoma.

Lark Sparrow. Since being in Oklahoma, I have learned there are more than one variety of sparrows. A new variety joined the feeder group this week. 

Great Egret. Saw this guy meandering along a creek. I got out of the truck and stood on the running board to get a pick over a weed covered fence. He kept an eye on me, but didn't fly away as I thought he would.

Wild Turkey. I've been seeing a lot of turkeys recently and am trying without much success to get pics of a Tom Turkey in all his glory. I saw these guys across a pasture, slammed on the brakes, raised my camera, and waited. And waited. And waited. That is until a truck came up behind me and I had to give up. This is the best I could do. Mooned by turkeys. Sad. :)

Cardinal. This guy was about to be blown away on this windy morning. 

Upland Sandpiper. These guys are still here. I keep expecting them to move on, but so far they are still entertaining me.

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Indian Paintbrush

I love wildflowers and like taking pictures of them almost as much as birds. I found Indian Paintbrush in bloom along the fence lines on my back road drives the last couple of days. 

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Oaklawn Park

April 14, 2018 was the running of the Arkansas Derby. The $1,000,000 purse went to Magnum Moon, winning by 5 lengths. As he neared the finish line, the track announcer, Vic Stauffer, ended his call with, "Get ready Kentucky Derby, there's a bad moon on the rise." 

We were not able to make the Derby, but we have been to Oaklawn the past two years. I am a huge fan of the races and have been as long as I can remember, listening to the Kentucky Derby on the radio before we had a TV. I think this year I will be rooting for Magnum Moon. 

Of course no visit to the racetrack would be complete without a visit to the betting window. I'm a big gambler, usually placing dollar bets. I never lose more than $10 and rarely win even that much. 

I enjoy the art work around the park.

This statute outside the entrance to Oaklawn will now be painted in the colors of Magnum Moon.

The excitement grows when the bugler announces post time.

Still, nothing beats the excitement of watching your pick win, even if it is only a dollar or two.

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Tuesday Treasures

There is an interesting story about this property. A well-known gangster back in the 1930s (sadly, I don't remember which one) once owned this property. It is suspected he was murdered since he disappeared mysteriously. Too bad my memory is defective. It was a great story. 

I would love to own this piece of land and this little rock house. A true fixer upper. Okay, it would probably take a lot of fixer uppering, but the end result would be great. 

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Monday, April 16, 2018


The Good: We had a storm Friday afternoon. The sky looked like this after it ended. Strange, yet beautiful sunset.

The Random: While the northwestern part of Oklahoma is battling wildfires, the rancher to our south started a fire. Fortunately, he made sure the ground was wet. This was Saturday morning after the heavy rains on Friday. The fire stayed within its boundaries.

The Fun: There isn't much more fun than watching a puppy with a new toy. This is Callie. She was rescued from the town after someone dumped her out on a 9 degree day. She is lucky a dog lover gave her a forever home.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Barn Collective

This ranch is owned by a bull rider who was on one season of The Amazing Race. He is a celebrity around here. He has a lot of bulls in the pasture. I believe he might be raising them now.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Bird D'pot

Gus is a smart pup. He has learned his food lady always grabs that scary box thing and points it at every critter she sees. She is always happy when that thing is in her hands. So, when he is outside and sees something he thinks she might like, he goes to get her. 

On this particular morning, she was sitting at the table having her morning coffee when Gus saw a bird critter on the electric pole. He jumped up and looked in the window like he always does when he wants in, but instead of going inside, he gave his come hither look. As he knew she would, the food lady followed him outside. She was very excited to see this red-bellied woodpecker. She spent several minutes with the clicking machine and then smiled, patted him on the head, and called him a good dog.

The red-bellied woodpecker checked out every hole he could find on the way up the pole. 

He climbed up on top of the pole...

...and enjoyed the view for a minute or so...

...and then flew away to parts unknown. The food lady kept smiling.

On a side note, the Upland Sandpipers are still hanging around. I saw three of them as Gus and I walked to the mailbox this morning. They can stay as long as they want. They are fun to watch. 

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Saturday Critters

Blue-winged Teal

Eurasian Collared-Dove

Northern Mockingbird on a cold morning.

Eastern Meadowlarks watching a hawk overhead.

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