Friday, May 29, 2020

Weekend Roundup - V

This week's assignment: Starts with V, Favorite, and Violet.

Starts with V: VULTURE starts with V. Can you see him perched on the roof?

Favorite: Of course, my favorite must be a horse. Meet the newest paint - VENUS. She is a little girl and gentle enough for the kids to ride. 

Violet: I saw these pansies in the McDonald's drive-through. They look VIOLET to me.

Just Because: This is one of my favorite VIEWS of Devil's Tower. I was lucky enough to find some buffalo in the foreground.

And Finally: A VASE filled with birthday flowers.

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  1. I don't think I could compete with these gorgeous pictures - I don't know which one I like best. My last name starts with V so I'm partial :)
    How do I get in this game?

  2. What a wonderful set of Vs! The Devil's Tower with buffalos is stunning... and Venus adorable of course <3

  3. You "V" photos are all so lovely. I don't think I could have a favorite this week, because I like all of them. If the flowers were yours, then Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend, Betty!

  4. ...what an image of the barn and the VULTURES!!!
    ...VENUS is a beauty.
    ...they look VIOLET to me.
    ...what a VIEW.
    ...a VASE of flowers is always a special gift.
    Thanks Betty for the VISIT!

  5. That is a sweet looking horse adn that is a great image of the Devil's Tower Betty adn happy belated birthday. Stay safe and have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Your birthday flowers look lovely, belated good wishes.

    All the best Jan