Friday, May 15, 2020

Weekend Roundup - T

Today's assignment: Starts with T, Favorite, and Tree.

Starts with T: This lavender TURKEY starts with T. He was looking mighty proud strutting around inside his pen. Wonder if he will be THANKSGIVING dinner this year. 

Favorite: I can't seem to have a post without putting a horse in it. I'm enjoying all the colts this year. This one is TRAILING after his mama. She is headed for the food TRUCK.

Tree: I have no idea what kind of TREE this is, but they are all along the California coast. 

Just Because: We have more than one variety of poisonous snakes here. I'm too scared of being bitten to have a garden, so we planted TOMATO plants in a pot. I'm looking forward to some TOMATO TREATS later this summer.

And Finally: This TRAILER is loaded with my husband's Harley. We both shed a TEAR or TWO while watching it ride away. Due to Hubby's health, he made the decision to sell it. I'm happy with his decision, but knew how much he loved to ride, and how sad he was to say goodbye.

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  1. Hi Betty! What a lovely choice of photos for "T" week. I also posted a wild turkey, but they are just babies. Your close up shot of the turkey is beautiful! That tree by the seaside is so pretty, I bet it is BIG! And, there is nothing like a fresh tomato from the garden. Take care, and have a good week.

  2. Hi Betty. When a guy has to let his bike or his pickup it feels like he has lost a part of his manhood. I have left both behind.
    It is fine with me if you are finding so many horses. I like them all.

  3. Hello, awesome closeup of the Turkey! I love the colt, beautiful horses. Happy weekend !

  4. ...I'm glad THAT TURKEYS TASTE better THAN THEY look!
    ...THAT colt is a cutie.
    ...THE TREE looks like a gnarled juniper.
    ...I don't like snakes, but do like TOMATOES.
    ...if I had a Harley. I'd have to find a new room mate!
    THANKS Betty and TAKE care!

  5. That is an impressive Turkey Betty adn I love your horse shots. Yes sad one has to give up something one loves becasue health is deteriorating. Stay safe and have a great week ahead