Friday, May 11, 2018

The Weekend Roundup - S

The assignment for this week is: S, Favorite, Silver.

S: I do believe Snake starts with S and Hiss ends in S. Scary!

My favorite this week is Saddle. 

Silver Stirrups anyone?

And for good measure, how about a silver mule wagon? Airstream of the mule train variety.

And just because I have an extra, how about cows resting in the shade. We've been having some hot weather. Spring seems to have given way to summer already. 

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  1. Spring sprung this week but winter crept back today with cold temperatures.

  2. ...'S'nakes do 'S'tart with 'S', but I'm not a fan. 'S'addle is a favorite. 'S'ilver 'S'tirrups, two points! 'S'ilver mule wagon, one more! I'm 'S'ure that the cows enjoyed resting in the 'S'hade. 'S'pring never lasts long enough. Thank Betty for 'S'haring, enjoy your weekend.

  3. wow! Wonderful images for the letter S! I'm forgetting the snake and enjoying the saddle, stirrups and shade!

  4. That snake is slithery as well as scary! Love both the saddle and stirrups - horses are so majestic! The mules are very compliant here and not ornery - live the ancient Airstream style! It's cold and rainy in CT today, please sent some of your warmth up here please :)

  5. That snake is beautiful - I wonder if it is a venomous type. We only have 3 snake species up here and they are not scary at all because they are not venomous. Spring is finally here now that my crocuses are blooming but it looks like you're way ahead of us!

  6. Snake and Hiss are good for the "S". I really like your pony find.