Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday Fences and Doors

While driving the back roads, although mainly looking for birds, I often get to see other critters. These beauties just happened to be behind a fence, so I didn't have to worry about them running out in front of the truck. They stopped long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures...

...and then ran away.

And while we are on the subject of deer, this pretty lady wasn't behind a fence. Last evening I came up over the crest of a hill, probably driving a little faster than I should have been, when two deer jumped out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes. Good thing they were in good working order or DC wouldn't have been happy with a dent or two in the front of his beloved truck. One made a u-turn and the other went on across the road. Knowing they usually stop and turn around to satisfy their curiosity, I drove slowly past a clump of brush. There she was, posing for her portrait.

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I haven't been looking for doors recently, but last summer I did take a picture of these doors at Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site in Illinois. 

Yesterday, I stopped to take a picture of this dilapidated building. I thought it was a barn, but after downloading the picture I believe it is a house. Check out the two doors on the side.

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  1. I think deer are beautiful animals. Nice fence and doors.

  2. Simple doors, but attractive. Glad you didn't hit any deer, not only for their sake, but for the sake of your vehicle. I've seen the damage and it isn't pretty!


  3. It does look like a barn at first glance, but you are right, on looking closely it seems to be a house. I wonder what stories those dilapidated old walls could tell.

  4. I would have guessed bar as well. The Lincoln Log Cabin shot is wonderful. Thanks for sharing these :-)

  5. Deer are beautiful, but you are right about not wanting to hit them. That house makes me sad, thinking of it being left to fall apart.

  6. Interesting doors and the fence pics are great with the deer included.


  7. love the deer Betty and that last shot. Have a great weeokend.

  8. I featured some photos from a suburb called Crows Nest in Sydney this week.

  9. Beautiful deer!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Merry Christmas!