Friday, July 30, 2021

The Weekend Roundup - E

 This week's assignment: Starts with E, Favorite, and Evening.

Starts with E: My favorite bird, EAGLE, starts with E. 


Shameless plug here. This is granddaughter's EP. It has four tracks. She wrote the lyrics, music, and sings on the album. It is available on most streaming services: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon. If you want to hear snippets or make a purchase, follow this link:  Thistledown

Evening: Jube and Kemosabe enjoying their EVENING meal. 

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  1. How wonderful that your granddaughter has cut an album. Exciting. Love the horses Betty and those are so majestic Eagle. HAve a great week ahead.

  2. ...EAGLE are a bird that I rarely see here and you find two! Not a shameless plug.Your post would not be complete with beautiful horses. Thanks Betty for stopping by.

  3. Betty, I am happy for your daughter's achievement. I hope sales are really good!! She has a Pretty voice, is she also playing? Perhaps on an organ that fills in with other instruments?
    Love your horses, Jube and Kemosabe. Always do like them. At one time I had said I was off riding horses, my next pony would drink gasoline and sound like a hot rod with a car horn as well. Well, I haven't ridden much since then but I do have two Mustangs in the garage. Our 1972 yellow Pinto was a pony also.