Saturday, August 18, 2018

Weekend Roundup

This weeks assignment: Starts with G, Favorite, and Great.

Starts with G: GUITAR starts with G. This is my Fender GUITAR. It looks nice next to this sign which says, "Unless you are Chris LeDoux or GEORGE Strait, leave your boots at the door". 

Favorite G: This is GREEN Antelopehorn. It was everywhere this past spring. I liked the dainty little flowers against the GREEN leaves. 

Great: A GREAT Egret is pretty GREAT.

Just Becasue: How about a GUINEAFOWL. GUS loves to bark at them when we pass by.

And Finally: A GREEN Katydid GRASSHOPPER.

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  1. Hello, I like the boot sign! The egret is beautiful, pretty green flowers. Cool capture of the turkey! Great photos for the theme. Happy weekend!

  2. your 'G'uitar and sign.
    ...this is 'G'reen Antelopehorn is new to me.
    ...that sure is a 'G'reat Egret.
    ...I love to hear 'G'us barking at the 'G'uineafowl.'s 'G'rasshapper time.
    Thanks Betty for stopping by, please stop back again.

  3. I like all of your photos for the letter G. That guinea fowl is an interesting creature. Thanks for your visit and your comment! Have a grand weekend!

  4. The guinea fowl is quite peculiar.

    I know who George Strait is, but I don't follow country enough to know Chris LeDoux.

  5. All are nice, Betty. I do like best your waiting yellow dog and straw hat. My bet is on the owner being an aging Hippie hobnobbing inside with his cronies. A lot of the hippie girls at the University of Houston would leave their dogs at the door or bottom of the stairs of the building while inside at lecture. I sat next to one at the back of our Differential Equations class. She was reading and studying for another class, I was taking notes back there. She got an "A" and my grade was a "C". She wore raggedy cut offs, was barefoot, and had longish straggley dark brown hair. I had a crush on her, she liked me. Even helped me with Calculus some. I've lost track of her, long ago.

  6. Hi Betty, you have a nice variety for "G" week. I especially love that guitar and sign ♥ The White Egret is definitely GREAT! I love the reflection. Have a good week.