Saturday, August 12, 2017

Needles Highway

July 4, 2017

No July 4th fireworks were allowed in the area due to the possibility of fire. For entertainment, we decided to take a drive on Needles Highway.

A one lane tunnel.

The mountains were beautiful.

We stopped at the visitor's center. People were enjoying the lake.

We came upon what looked like a dead end, but come to find out if you go to the end and make a left turn, the road does continue.

Right into a narrow tunnel. Glad we didn't bring a camper.

This is after we made it through and stopped at an observation point. You can see a car coming out of the tunnel. It was a little scary.

The view from the observation point. Breathtaking.

Yet another tunnel.

Thankfully, this was the last one.

On the other side we found another buffalo enjoying the sunshine. He wouldn't look at us either.

I hoped for more animal life, but maybe we were too late in the day. 

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