Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site

August 8, 2017

Since we had a cooler than usual day, we decided to give Gus a treat and take him for a walk. We like to go to Lincoln Log Cabin. It's a nice walk and there are flowers and animals to distract our minds from remembering we are exercising.  Gus was ready to go.

When we started down the path, the sheep were out running loose. When they saw Gus, they hastened to return to the safety of the barn. Little did they know Gus was afraid of them.

He was afraid of the pigs, too. Still he managed to bark his mean bark...

...and chase the pig away.

I don't know why Gus didn't like him. He was a cute pig.

The Rose of Sharon bushes were in full bloom.

I think this is a Curry plant. If not, please correct me.

Yellow flower, yellow butterfly.

We took the scenic route back home. On the way we decided to see where a gravel road went. It ended up being a dead end at someone's farm, but along the way we were entertained by this sight. A pair of running shoes on the electrical wire.

An odd place to store shoes, don't you think?

I liked the barn, too.

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