Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - L

This week's assignment: Starts with L, Favorite, and Lake.

Starts with L: LOAFING shed starts with L. These two guys were enjoying some time out of the sun.

Favorite: The LAWNMOWER man uses this horse trailer to haul his equipment. He left it outside the fence in the pasture. The horses thought they were going for a ride and LOADED themselves.

Lake: Sylvan LAKE is a small lake inside Custer State Park, SD.

Just Because: Caught this red-tailed hawk as he was LEAVING his perch.

And Finally: A LONGHORN on a LEATHER bridle. A favorite of mine.

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  1. Beautiful photos - the horses loading themselves are funny :) Happy weekend.

  2. ...'L'oafing sounds good now and then.
    ...'L'oader up horseies.
    ...a beautiful sight.
    ...they always 'L'eave their perch when I'm around.
    ...nice details.
    Thanks Betty for stopping by, I hope that your are having a great weekend.

  3. Betty, I'm proud of those pretty horses. But you know horses are very smart and like to play. I think they are playing travel.
    I hadn't thought "Loafing Sheds" for a long time. We had one, half of it had a couple of older grain wagons, pigs loaded in the other side. But we did not call them loafing sheds, I learned that name a few years ago from the Internet.

    1. pigs "loafed" ...
      Spell corrector got me and I didn't notice. Sorry.

  4. Loafing these equine may be, and we love them for that! The horses taking a ride is cute, although I'm sure they were less happy to have to stay home...the lake with the giant rock outcropping behind is stunning - nothing like this back East! The hawk taking off for dinner or wanderlust is an amazing aerial design!

  5. A great selection, love the look of the lake.

    All the best Jan