Friday, October 18, 2019

Weekend Roundup - P

This week's assignment: Starts with P, Favorite, and Pattern.

Starts with P:  This rodeo clown decided to wear a bright PINK shirt.

Favorite:  These two beauties would make a fine-looking PAIR while pulling a wagon.

Pattern: Mr. Dilly is covered in PATTERNS. 

Just Because: One sorrel and two PAINTS—running.

And Finally: Mr. Cardinal is PERCHED on a dead tree limb.

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  1. It's the armadillo who stands out to me, mostly because we don't have them here.

    1. I lived in Dallas for a long time and never saw a live one. I've seen lots 'dead-on-the-road', but no live ones until we moved to Oklahoma. They are odd creatures.

  2. ...thanks for checking in from horse country! A rodeo clown had to have nerves of steel. Such 'P'retty 'P'air. I've never seen an armadillo in person, they look 'P'rehistoric. I see 'P'aints now and then around here. Great 'P'erched cardinal. Thanks Betty for 'P'articipating this week, please stop back again.

  3. That Pink shirt should capture the attention of many a wayward steer! Love both pair of horses, such magnificent beasts that look like gentle giants! We will never see an armadillo in new England - love its 'armor'! That cardinal is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Great set of P:s! The horses are really noble looking!

  5. Those are nice looking horses, reminded me of our Birdie and Bessie back on our Nebraska farm. They were nice horses although Bird kicked me flying one time. I like your red Cardinal, we dont have them here near Houston. I saw a man yesterday wearing a bright PINK shirt. And when we lived in Friendswood (Texas) we had a mama armadillo who every year would bring her babies to dig in the flower beds. She didn't like to be shoo'd.
    I enjoyed reading this post, thank you.

  6. Our pair of horses this week, look a lot alike! I really like the Armadillo, I think they're cute and so unique, definitely like the patterns. Pretty pink shirt, and that cardinal is gorgeous! Have a good week, Betty!

  7. Fabulous selection here Betty, isn't Mr Cardinal a wonderful colour.

    All the best Jan