Friday, October 12, 2018

Weekend Roundup - O

Today's prompts are: Starts with O, Favorite, and Open

Starts with O: OZARKS starts with O. Took this picture on one of our trips home from visiting daughter. 

Favorite: This is one of my favorite sky pictures. OMINOUS starts with O. We have been having lots of rain and some storms. This picture was taken one evening as rather OMINOUS clouds were moving in from the southeast.

Open: The door to this OLD OUTHOUSE is OPEN. 

Just Because: You can't have too many pictures of OUTHOUSES, right? I've posted both of these pics before, but I was a little hard up for Os. This OUTHOUSE is in much better condition.

And Finally: The above OUTHOUSE has interesting items hung on the wall. I learned a new word from one of the signs. Samson's Stimulating ONGUENT For the Hair and Whiskers. I had to look it up. Seems it is a french word meaning ointment or salve. 

And Now, Really Finally, But of Most Importance: This is the award the person who saved my husband's life received. It is signed by OBAMA.

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  1. That last one would definitely have meaning. That sky is incredible.

  2. Nice bunch of outhouses, Betty. Wished I'd have thought of that, I also have several. Hang on to the last one, it will become increasingly valuable. My oldest first cousin and his wife lived on Lake of the Ozarks, he has died and his wife is in an assisted living home now. It was on the North side of the Highway over by the Four Seasons resort.

  3. I love the shot of the old outhouse and love the items on the wall. Interesting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. ...looks like HOLLYWOOD on a smaller scale. the 'O'minous clouds, a word that I never use.
    ...I love 'O'ld 'O'uthouses.
    ...'O'nguent is new to me.
    Thanks Betty for stopping by, I hope to see you next week.

  5. Those clouds are ominous indeed - hope it was just rain! Outhouses are cool to look at - but on a cold winter's eve, I much appreciate indoor plumbing!

  6. Hello Betty! What a fun collection for the letter O! It's always nice to have good reading material in an Outhouse, LOL!

  7. Awards are always special! I have a "thing" for outhouses, too! I actually have a small poster of many outhouses, that I framed and it's in one of our bathrooms! The sky is my favorite this week, it's gorgeous :) Have a good week, Betty!

  8. A super selection.
    That last one is most special.

    All the best Jan