Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Week in Review

8/27/17 - Sunday
The last Sunday of August is The Burton Reunion, my mother's side of the family. I took my camera, but didn't take any pictures this year. We have a huge family, so I was surprised at the lack of attendance. 

Everyone takes a covered dish. I decided to take deviled eggs. Sadly, the eggs didn't cooperate with the peeling stage. About half the egg stuck to the shell. I put them in a baggy and threw them inside the refrigerator. They would make a decent egg salad for the next days lunch. 

My second attempt was a pineapple cake. The cake actually turned out great. However, the frosting didn't. I sometimes freeze cream cheese if it is getting close to the expiration date, so I took a package out of the freezer and let it thaw. I think it had been in the freezer too long. It wasn't good. Fortunately, I had ingredients for a butter cream frosting. The cake would have been better with cream cheese frosting, but it would have to do. 

DC didn't come with me, but he rode his motorcycle over later.

8/28/17 - Monday
Made egg salad and finished reading A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. A strong 5 star book. Loved it! After lunch, I watched the movie on Amazon Prime. Although subtitled, I enjoyed it.

8/29/17 - Tuesday
Uneventful. Mundane chores.

8/30/17 - Wednesday
Spent the morning at the grocery store and then stopped by the meat market to buy some of our favorite jalapeno burgers. Yum!

We contacted our friends in Texas to make sure they were still okay after Hurricane Harvey. So far, so good. Neither have water inside their homes as of today.

In the afternoon, we took Gus up to Lincoln Log Cabin for a walk. Leaves are turning on the sumac. Can't believe summer is almost over. 

Gus had a nice visit with his pig friends.

9/1/17 - Friday
September already! Although I have entered numerous of those 'share and you will win' contests on FaceBook, I actually won one. Which surprised me because I always thought perhaps they were bogus. This was for tickets to the lunch version of a Dinner Theater. Looking forward to having lunch with my cousin J-Bug.

9/2/17 - Saturday
Took Gus for a truck ride in the morning and then drove over to the Popcorn Festival. Not much going on there. We wondered past a few craft booths. It was quite obvious fall is just around the corner.

I wanted to buy one of these colorful fans, but couldn't decide what I would do with it. I don't hang out on the veranda and fan myself much these days, so left them on the display rack.

We stopped to watch the chain saw carver. I saw a bench that I wanted to buy, but it was almost $1000. No way to justify that expenditure, so we moved on.

Then it was time for lunch. Corn dogs it is!

Not quite ready to go home, we drove around The Toledo Pond to see the ducks.

Not an exciting week, but it was a good one. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! 

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