Thursday, December 1, 2016

April 2016 Trip

April in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

DAY 1: Our first stop was in Whitesboro, TX. It was nice to see a Whataburger sign just down the street. It was on my wish list for this trip. We had dinner and breakfast there. I was pleased to see a parking lot filled with white pickup trucks. No question we were in ranch country Texas.

DAY 2: After breakfast, we drove to our friend's house and visited with them. Of course, we had to spend some time outside with the horses.

DAY 3: We drove up to Oklahoma to visit another friend. On the way we went through Tishomingo, OK where Miranda Lambert's store, The Pink Pistol, is located. The store  has since closed.

Below is the road to Brian's ranch.

A friendly face greeted us.

This poor horse had caught its face on a bolt sticking out of a post. Not a life threatening injury, but enough to cause the poor thing to have a badly scarred face.

Another of Brian's horses.

The entrance gate.

Below is the road on past Brian's house. They sure do live in middle of nowhere Oklahoma. Beautiful country!

DAY 4: Off to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Below is one of the hotels/bath houses.

DAY 5: We drove up to the top of a Hot Springs Mountain, but the tower was closed for renovation. So we walked around and found this gazebo.

The view of the city below.

Later in the day, we went to the horse races.

I didn't have any luck, but Don picked a couple of winners.

This is the Clinton's home.

DAY 6: We drove by and saw where Don's parents lived and stopped to visit their graves. Then took off for home.

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