Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Green

Mascha is starting a new meme called Weekend Green. Since green is my favorite color decided to give this one a try.

Fred Schafer of Schafer Hat Works, in the green brick building, called Wednesday to tell me my hat was done and he would be mailing it Thursday. If you want to know more about Mr. Shafer check out my post HERE. He makes hats for some famous people. Her measured my head and has made one especially for me. I can hardly wait to get it. His work is amazing.

This is inside his shop. Not much green in this shot. Can you find it?

I have been playing around with Photoshop and wanted to combine two photos. So cut this little girl out of a crowd of people at the air show last summer and put her on the board walk in The Badlands.

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  1. Your hat shop fascinates me - and not only because of the green bricks. I've never thought to have a hat made and hope you post yours when you get it!

  2. The hat shop reminds me of the saying, "big hat and no cattle." One of these days I should try Photoshop.

  3. You have a real hatmaker there? How cool is that! I'm only dreaming of a new hat, personally for me...
    The last picture reminds me of myself - I have some sun parasols and like to walk with them... great composition -

    Here I wrote a little story about dreaming of hats

    Thanks for linking up, have a nice weekend with your new hat :)

  4. A hat shop - just hats, seems odd to me, but they are picture perfect all lined up!!

    I like the last picture, that you created!!