Friday, January 27, 2017

The Week in Review

1. Saturday was a gorgeous day. Temps in the 60s. Very unusual for this time of year. We spent the morning doing yard work and then went for a walk at Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site.

2. We took Gus with us. He loves riding in the truck and hanging out with his food people. I didn't get a picture, so this is Gus last summer.

3. Each year I go through my pictures for the year and make a photo book. This is what I give my kids for their birthdays each year. I finally finished choosing pictures and ordered my 2016 book last week. It came  yesterday. I tried a new company called Mixbook and am pleased with the result. Below is the cover. I decided on the soft cover instead of hardback since it was cheaper. Now I'm kind of wishing I had paid the extra. 

4.Since it is winter and neither of us likes the cold weather, we decided to get a treadmill. Now I've seen how they often become clothes hangers, but we have vowed not to let that happen. So we have now been using it for 2 days. 

I have compared walking outside to walking on the treadmill and have found one huge drawback. When one walks for 30 minutes outside, one must turn around and walk back home. When walking on the treadmill, the chair is within eyesight and easy walking distance from the treadmill. This might be a problem.

5. I retired at the end of July 2016. Having worked for so many years, I am used to structure and now I have none. Up until now, I have found plenty to do and motivation to keep busy. Perhaps it is because of the time of year, it's too cold to do much outside, anyway boredom has set in. I think I need to make a schedule.  

Tomorrow we are going to watch granddaughter play in the All State Band. She plays clarinet. Very proud grandma here. She may or may not be in this picture. It's a little difficult to tell them apart. 


  1. Good Randoms. - The Log Cabin looks great, I would enjoy seeing it.
    What a handsome dog.
    I don't think I'd do well on a Treadmill - I hate walking in the cold too.
    Oh a Marching Band is always fun to listen too.

  2. I hope that all goes well for your granddaughter! Hope you enjoy the treadmill, if you use it a lot I am sure that it will be good, I know what you mean about the walking and having to go back!

  3. #1 I'm wondering if the blue doors is an original color.
    #2 Happy fellow.
    #3 My wife does this every year.
    #4 We try to make it to the YMCA everyday to walk on the track.
    #5 I'm still working.

    If they sound as good as they look, they must be GREAT.

  4. Sounds like a really great day out! Love the log cabin. I really like my treadmill but the only problem I find is that I get tired of staring at the same space. I do listen to music but staring at the walls isn't as fun as walking outside in nature!

    Looking forward to spring. Thanks for sharing your Five on Firday!

  5. Good five. We walk every day and my husband also uses his treadmill every day. I hate the treadmill, but I do an aerobic workout every day. Love retirement, can't figure out how I ever had time to work.

  6. Please check my goal list on Year 2, Week 5, on my blog You will see that I got carried away this year.

    You may select as many of the goals as you wish to relieve your boredom and I'll be eternally grateful for the help. I hope you'll choose number 10, "Organize the garage" because I can't find a thing out there, and it's driving me crazy.