Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Hat Trip Part II

We drove down into the very northern part of Texas to visit a friend. It was a quick visit and then back to Oklahoma. The weather was terrible. Cold and snow. If only we had waited a week the temperature would have been in the 70s. I lived in Texas a lot of years and still miss it. There's something about crossing into Texas, I always want to yell, "Woo Hoo!"
This is ranch country. Horses and cattle everywhere.

Enjoyed spending time with this fine Indian fella...
 ...and this old cowboy. He had lots of stories to tell.
I enjoyed trying on the old Indian's hat...
 ...and this sombrero. I think I like it best! May have to get me one.
At first it was merely colder than you know what, but then it started snowing. We made our way to the cafe to eat fish anyway. 
The weather didn't seem to interrupt feeding time. 

Smokey didn't have a problem hanging out inside.Smokey is a Blue Heeler. Sweet pup!
To be continued...

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