Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Week in Review

Nothing much to report this week. It was a week of hanging out at home, chores, with a couple of trips into town for grocery shopping.

I have a bedroom that needs repainted. It has a ton of repaired nail holes, which left a litter of white spots. We tried to paint match, but we were not successful. Guess we, or more than likely—me, will be repainting the whole room. When I work up the energy. I expect I will be scrambling to get it done next time we are expecting overnight guests. Procrastination is my middle name.

We did get some snow. Gus tried to jump through the window to get this poor rabbit. Not sure where he lives, but see him quite a bit in the back alley.

I like to drive around and take pictures in the snow, but was too cold and lazy to clean off the truck windows, so didn't get out until the next day. The snow was almost gone by then. It was still snowing a little when I got to the covered bridge.

Wednesday evening, Gus was barking and jumping on the window again. I looked out to see what had him so agitated. The rabbit was back. I took a couple of pictures and watched him until he hopped away. I discovered the little devil is living under our storage shed in the back.

Thursday we had lunch at A&W. I love me a frosty mug of ice cold root beer. Even in cold weather.

The Mallards have arrived at The Rez. They were enjoying a bounty of something wonderful in the grass. I don't know what the white duck was doing there, but they seemed to be friends.

Of course, in the middle of their photo shoot, a truck drove by and scared them away.

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  1. OH Golly, i sure like that first bunny picture.

    Here, it snowed and looked like wonderland - by mid-day most of it was gone . . . just bits in bushes and on some grassy places, which is a delight - my pupster likes to find the icy bits.

  2. ...look your picture of the covered bridge, A&W is a sight that I rarely see around here these days.

  3. Aww that was a sweet little visitor to your deck & I'm glad Gus didn't catch him! Lovely shot of the covered bridge too & my hubby would live in an A&W if he could!

  4. I have had this open since last night...was gone all day...too rattled in my thinking to enjoy it last night so saved it for today/tonight. Our neighbor has this little building across the alley from us...a groundhog lived under it all last summer. It got locked in our garage without our knowledge and, oh what a mess we had. W

  5. darn truck! didn't he know you were busy with the ducks?! the bunny is cute, hope gus and him become friends :) the rootbeer looks so yummy! thank you for linking and have a great week the way, procrastination is my middle name too haha

  6. I hope all is well with you...missing seeing an occasional post from you.